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  • Ashley T. Martinez

Voltous Media Launches To Make A Meaningful Difference On Business, Brands and Society

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

New partnership brings together expansive expertise to help organizations lead with purpose and positively impact the world

SACRAMENTO, July 29, 2019 - Today, experienced content creation and communications professionals, Ashley Martinez, Dustin Moon and Parker Scott announced the launch of Voltous Media, a firm that integrates expansive public relations strategies with cutting edge digital media solutions to inspire and mobilize people into action, creating positive social impact.

The launch of Voltous Media comes as consumers demand more than a transactional or product-based relationship.

"Our goal at Voltous Media is to help organizations connect with consumers on shared values," said Creative Director Parker Scott. "Today's audiences aren't difficult to reach, but sustaining their attention and connecting with them on issues that matter is what we have built Voltous Media to deliver." Scott, who has over 10-years of professional experience creating purpose-driven brand and social movement strategies will serve as the lead in creative brand creation, messaging and content development.

The creation of Voltous Media reflects a growing need for brands, companies, government agencies, non-profits and social movements to embody and lead with Purpose to grow its business while positively impacting their communities.

"Organizations that are poised to build significant and lasting relationships with individuals are those that lead with purpose," said Communications Director, Dustin Moon. He has 10-years experience creating and delivering digital content campaigns that lead with purpose. He has created and delivered digital campaigns for companies and non-profits and he will lead the creative strategy and social media work of the firm.

Voltous Media offers an integrated approach that combines cutting edge brand and digital content solutions with government relations, public affairs and strategic communications services for its clients.

"We deploy strategies that break convention and create opportunities for our clients to grow their business and create a positive impact on the world," said Advisor, Ashley Martinez. Ashley has over a decade of expertise in a wide array of federal, local and state political and policy issues and has a strong background in coalition building and strategic planning.

The introduction of Voltous Media includes the launch of a new website that illustrates the firm's experience, capabilities, and our approach to helping clients authentically communicate and deliver on its Purpose. For more information about us and our services, please visit