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Parker Scott | Creative Director

Parker brings over a decade of content creation experience in the business and non-profit world, providing graphic design, photography and videography expertise to create positive results for his clients. Parker has served as the creative director for multiple organizations and has managed full social media accounts for clients for multi-million dollar organizations and top tier realtors. Above all Parker is a story-teller, focusing on telling the story of brands to the world, through all possible mediums.


Ashley T. Martinez | Policy Advisor

Ashley brings more than ten years of experience facilitating relationships with elected officials and staff, on both sides of the aisle to craft and execute a budget, legislative and regulatory strategy on behalf of his clients to create positive results. He has expertise in a wide array of federal, local and state political and policy issues and has a strong background in coalition building and strategic planning. Ashley is the Founder and Chief Editor of The Cannabis File, a blog that covers important topics in the legal cannabis and hemp industries.